'Frequently Asked Questions

Do you walk dogs that have come into season?

No im sorry i dont.

Do you walk the dogs in bad weather snow and ice?.

Yes will  always try and get out to do the dogs only if its safe to do so.The dogs will be dried off with a towel before coming home,alternative arrangements should be made if i can't get or if the weather is bad where you live please let me know.

Do you walk the dogs if the owners are off work and at home?

Yes the dogs will still get walked,but should you not want them doing then 24hours notice should be given.

Do you walk the dogs at weekends?

Yes that can be arranged for you just get in touch.

Do i get a refund should i need to cancel a holiday for you to house sit?

If reasonable notice is given a refund will be considered,but please bear in mind i've let another client down to accommodate yourself.
Please also check dates and that i'm available before booking holidays.

What happens should my pets become ill under your care will you take them to the vets?

Yes i would take them to the vets or ring for advice as i'd treat them as they were my own.If your pet is poorly before you go away please tell me so i can accommodate accordingly,and perhaps tell the vets that your're going away and your dog walker or house sitter will be bringing them should they need to go.

How do we make payments to you?

Bank transfer or cash paid weekly or monthly.

Do your services cater for all breeds of dogs?

Yes it does but any instances of aggresive behaviour shown by the dog would  be discussed with the clients,as we want the dogs to enjoy their walks and be happy too.




About Me

I'm philippa with over 30 years of animal experience and several years of working in the veterinary industry.

I offer a complete range of animal services,

  • Dog walking 
  • Dog 1st Aid 
  • House sitting 
  • Pet home visits
  • Equine services
  • Pet Ambulance

Get in touch today to find out how I can help.