Pet Services in Derbyshire and the Peak District

Dog walking

Is tailored to your dogs requirements.

I can do daily weekly weekends or one off walks. 1 hr walks either one to one or a group up to 4 max so we can have fun and attention as needed. On lead or off lead to what the client wants or requires.

My walks include moorland, woodlands, trails and parks ,throw the ball or toy for them,play hide and seek great fun for me and the dogs. We are very lucky living next to the peak district to have all this on our doorstep the scenery and landscapes are just imense. The dogs have a great time and they never know where they will go for their walks from one day to the next.

Dogs love socialising and is a big part in development through their adult lives,responding to commands through out their lives is also important and to reinforce it. Good for the muscles and strengthens bones enjoy a swim where safe to do so.
Your dogs will be towel dried before coming home and fresh waters will be provided at all times while out on their walks

Dogs should also be fully vacinated with going out for walks with other dogs and socialising too.

While you’re out at work or out with friends or a busy schedule your dog or dogs will be in perfect hands knowing they are having fun come rain or shine.I send regular updates and photos of your dog having fun.

I can also visit your dog in their own home let out In the garden,feed ,give fresh water ,give medication,play ,sit with them and give plenty of cuddles and fuss for your best friend or friends.


Cat and small pet sitting

Every day, any day, less stressful for the pet than going into a pet hotel . Your pet can stay in it’s own environment where they will be much happier and relaxed staying in or going out I can tailor to the clients needs. I feed, give fresh water, do the post, put the bins out, open and shut the curtains and water the plants.

I go twice a day and play with the pet and give plenty of cuddles and love . I can administer medication if needed too or take to the vets if necessary.


Equine services

I can go once a day or twice a day.I feed, give medicatrion if needed, muck out turn out each horse/pony, pick their feet out if required ,take stable rugs off ,put outdoor rugs on,fill fresh waters up, do hay nets, sweep out stables and stable block keeping the yard tidy at all times.
Evening time,put the beds down make sure the stables are clean and tidy.Bring horse/pony in from the fields take outdoor rugs off,pick their feet out,groom if required,put stable rugs on if requested and give evening feed.I will work with each client for their horses/ponies individual needs.

House sitting

Tailored to your requirements and your pets needs while your away.

I do recommend that should you require my services to house sit for yourselves that you check 1st before booking a holiday that i am free as i do get booked up very quickly and theres nothing worse being disappointed when i cant provide a service for you to enjoy your well earned holiday. 

I house sit anytime of the year, providing peace of mind while your away the house and pets will be looked after to a very high standard at all times the dogs will be treated as tho they are my own. The house will be clean and tidy for your return with bread,milk and bits too.

The bins will be seen to, post sorted, and water the plants.

This also allows your pet or pets to stay in their own environment enjoying the company they deserve and are more relaxed and chilled out in their own home , along with their normal routines on a day to day basis,it also saves them being stressed going to kennels and cattery they will get plenty of fuss and love while your away  we can play in the garden or just chill out. 

I have experience also with alpacas and poultry feeding , mucking out ,providing fresh water and collecting eggs.



About Me

I'm philippa with over 30 years of animal experience and several years of working in the veterinary industry.

I offer a complete range of animal services,

  • Dog walking 
  • Dog 1st Aid 
  • House sitting 
  • Pet home visits
  • Equine services
  • Pet Ambulance

Get in touch today to find out how I can help.